We source seafood, from over 300 suppliers globally.

North Star Seafood’s unmatched direct buying power is what allows us to provide a reliable and expanding inventory. This ensures 5-star chefs, prestigious commercial kitchens and gourmet food markets throughout Florida can select the freshest products and exclusive regional species at peak season and have it delivered directly to their door in plenty of time to offer their customers that day.

The future of the seafood industry depends on each of us doing our part. Here’s what North Star Seafood is doing to support health seafood ecosystems and a healthy seafood industry.


Our commitment to sustainable business practices makes it easy for you to feel confident you’re only purchasing the freshest, healthiest and highest quality seafood – that meet your (and our) corporate responsibility standards, and exceeds them. What does it mean to distribute truly sustainable seafood? It means that of the more than 300 global suppliers we source from, we’re knowledgeable that they use only practices that certify the marine ecosystem remains both productive and preserved.

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Counsel) Fisheries Standard The Fisheries Standard measures the sustainability of wild-capture fisheries. Our comprehensive sustainability program allows you to serve the most responsibly sourced products possible.

Sustainable Initiatives

As part of our sustainability program, North Star Seafood has teamed with CeDePesca (Centre for Development and Sustainable Fisheries- Latin America & Caribbean), is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997. CeDePesca’s goal is to help Latin American fisheries attain sustainability. Today, CeDePesca has expanded into the Caribbean and is working with stakeholders in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, implementing Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) for small and large, artisanal and industrial fisheries. We have two FIPs in progress, one in Guatemala focused on Mahi and the other in Panama focused on Grouper and Snapper.

Responsible Sourcing

At North Star Seafood, we believe it’s imperative to respect the aquaculture and all of the abundance it provides. Our strict sourcing practices ensure responsible and ethical harvesting standards are always upheld. That means you and your customers can feel good knowing our seafood products are delicious to eat and support a healthy seafood industry.