It all began more than three decades ago.

Founder Rick Burman is the working man’s business owner, having started his career sourcing, then distributing, hard to find fish and seafood delicacies to high-end markets and chefs in New York City, more than three decades ago. Initially, it was a friend who got him into the business, but it was the relationships he developed with his customers that made his a name you could trust, in the business.

At first he is successful simply because he can locate the products for his customers no one else can. Along the way, he develops a solid reputation in the industry for this. He learns so much about the products he’s selling that he develops more than an appreciation but a real passion for the products themselves. After several years, he knows, if he is going to make his mark, the time is now. He packs up his family, leaves the big city behind, and heads south to Florida. And so began the story of North Star Seafood.

Over the next 20 years, North Star’s relentless commitment to quality and remarkable customer experiences made it into Florida’s seafood leader. Along the way, Rick built the most seasoned team of seafood professionals in Florida, including his son Josh Burman, who share his same passion for providing premium seafood to the finest restaurants, hotels and retailers.

Our Company

Located in Pompano Beach, Florida and established in 1992, North Star Seafood is the largest wholesale distributor of fresh and frozen seafood in the state. Our total operations includes more than 50,000 square feet of state of the art HACCP certified space, a fleet of 40 refrigeration trucks, 24 hour processing. We are Kosher certified, Marine Stewardship Counsel (MSC) certified and meet or exceed FDA, USDC, USDA, and GMP standards. Having SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certified facilities allows us to source, custom cut and package the safest and the widest selection of species from across the globe. And although we’ve grown quite a lot, our relationships with our customers has remained strong.

Our Commitment

Having genuine relationships with all of our suppliers’ benefits both our customers and their customers. By knowing who we are doing business with, the origins of the seafood and that sustainable, responsible and healthy practices are followed, allows us to share our information with our customers so they can purchase premium fish with confidence. Why is this so important to us? Because trust is more than a word, it’s the actions we take every day to ensure the food we distribute is of the highest quality today, and remains available as the highest quality for future generations.

Today, North Star is run by the most seasoned team of seafood professionals in South Florida including Rick’s son Josh Burman.