We take seafood safety very seriously.

North Star Seafood operates three FDA approved state-of-the-art, HACCP certified facilities in Florida. Our headquarters and largest facility, is located in Pompano, along with our smaller SQF Certified – level 2 facility. With our third facility in Miami and within proximity of the Miami airport, we are able to export fresh seafood all over the United States and the world.

Our People Make the Difference

When you have a passion for seafood, you work with people who share your passion. We employ seafood professionals; people who know and understand the seafood industry and understand our relationship to our clients and the service and quality they expect.

We Take Food Quality and Safety Seriously

Processing up to 100 species of fresh seafood and live shellfish every day; North Star Seafood is a fully self-contained company and are not dependent on outside storage. We operate with 3 large deep freezers and 10 refrigerated coolers and keep our fresh items at a constant 34-degree temperature. With day and overnight filleting, processing and packaging continuously, our ice machines are constantly producing tons of ice daily.

We appreciate the taste of good shellfish, which is why our shellfish comes from certified waters and are tagged with harvest dates and harvest areas. Equipped with 3 lobster tanks, capable of holding up to 30,000 lbs. of lobster ensures you receive truly, live lobster. All seafood we receive in our facilities is inspected for temperature, quality and country of origin in compliance with the guidelines of HACCP.

Logistical Experts –We Have to be

With a fleet of 40 refrigerated trucks and a facility near the Miami airport, we are able to meet the high demand for high quality fresh fish, seafood and frozen products. Our delivery ninjas are so skilled they can reach from the panhandle, down to Key West and outside the state, in a single day.