We know actions speak louder than words, so we’ll let our emblems do the talking.

Certification seals do more than let you know you’re receiving the best seafood available to serve on your menu, they service as a badge of trust. We work so hard to meet the most stringent standards, because it puts us in a unique category and shows customers we’re willing to go the extra mile for you.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)

To obtain an MSC certification, a seafood business must voluntarily meet international best practice guidelines for certification and ecolabelling. We believe being MSC certified demonstrates that our business model is focused on sourcing environmentally responsible seafood as well as our commitment to selling sustainable seafood.

Kosher Certified

What does it mean to be certified kosher? It is a term originally used to denote food which is “fit” and “proper”. For those who follow the dietary laws in the religion, the kosher symbol means a certain food is permitted to be eaten by people who observe Jewish dietary law. Not all fish is kosher. For a fish to be kosher, it must have fins and easily removable scales. The scales must be true scales that can be removed without damaging the skin of the fish.  To be seafood company certified kosher, it means our facility and the kosher fish we distribute are in full compliance with the most demanding of kosher standards.